THRIVE! 2022: A morning focused on spirit, strength and resilience. 


Join us for THRIVE! 2022 on Tuesday, August 23 at the Florida Blue Conference Center.

THRIVE! is our annual, fundraising breakfast where we share stories of strength, growth and recovery.

This year’s event will bring people together to discuss how we can all take part in turning the last couple of years into an opportunity for equity, change and resiliency, leaving attendees feeling inspired to keep rising and rebuilding after these unprecedented times.

Women (some more than others) have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. Many women have also had their lives disrupted. And sadly, many have continued to suffer trauma.

As we move into a post-pandemic future, we must work to strengthen our individual resolve and our collective response.

The WCJ envisions a community where there is gender equity, and all women are empowered and safe.

But we can’t achieve this without your help.

There are five different sponsorship levels for THRIVE! 2022 from title sponsor to becomming a WCJ Friend. 

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THRIVE! 2022 supports all the services and programs that the WCJ provides. Learn more about how your support helps improve the lives of women in Jacksonville.

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