THRIVE! 2022: A morning focused on spirit, strength and resilience. 


Join us at THRIVE! 2022 on Tuesday, August 23 at the Florida Blue Conference Center.

THRIVE! 2022 A Time to Rise will share stories of strength, growth and recovery helping us to bounce back and approach life’s challenges with spirit and courage.

Three inspirational women will share their personal stories to help us all learn to cope with the challenges life inevitably throws our way with resilience.

Supporting this annual event helps the WCJ improve the lives of women.

Our services of advocacy, support and education empower women. We work hard to make sure all women have access to the mental health counseling services they need – particularly when facing life-changing trauma, and for sexual assault survivors to receive the compassionate and respectful care they deserve.

If you can’t attend on the day, please consider a donation to help us create a safer environment for everyone.

There are five different sponsorship levels for THRIVE! 2022 from title sponsor to becomming a WCJ Friend. 

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THRIVE! 2022 supports all the services and programs that the WCJ provides. Learn more about how your support helps improve the lives of women in Jacksonville.

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