Amazon Wish List for Survivors

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Snacks and Drinks

Survivors often reach out to us right after a traumatic experience, feeling thirsty and hungry. During lengthy forensic exams lasting 2-3 hours, snacks and drinks can greatly ease their discomfort and anxiety. Your donation of nonperishable, on-the-go snacks and small meals can make a world of difference to them and their families. Let’s offer comfort when it’s needed most.


After a forensic exam, survivors of sexual violence may have their clothing collected for evidence. We offer replacement clothing to ensure they leave the exam feeling comfortable. Our selection includes a variety of undergarments and gender-neutral clothing, so survivors of all genders feel at ease after the exam. Let’s provide comfort when it’s needed most.

Support Group Supplies

We offer support groups for survivors and co-survivors of all genders and backgrounds. These groups include sessions exploring creative outlets for expressing trauma, healing, unique experiences, and self-care. Your donation will assist our advocates and counselors in facilitating these sessions where creative expression is used to heal, cope, and process trauma. Let’s come together to support each other on the journey to healing.

Relocation Supplies

We assist survivors (and their children) in relocating when safety concerns arise at their current address. We provide essential items to ease the moving process and ensure they can transition to a safer environment comfortably. Your support makes all the difference in helping survivors rebuild their lives in a secure space.