"He took away my sense of safety that night. But, thanks to the Women's Center my rapist will not have any more of my life, not one single night." Sexual Assault Survivor


The rape recovery team provides rape recovery and community education programs on sexual assault prevention. 

Communications with all sexual assault victim advocates is confidential.


The rape recovery team responds quickly and compassionately to survivors of sexual violence whether or not they have chosen to report the crime to police. Services are available to survivors of all genders in Duval, Nassau, and Baker Counties. Our approach to support is empowerment-based, providing access to information and resources so that survivors can make the choice they feel is best for them.

The rape recovery team is here to help

Experiencing sexual violence can change a survivor’s view of the world. Whether or not the survivor suffers any physical injuries, the emotional impact of the violence can be significant. Recovery can seem like an endless journey. Emotions such as fear, shame and confusion may continue long after the violence ends. There is support available for you wherever you are in the healing process.


The Rape Recovery Team offers support
through the following services
for survivors and their loved ones:

  • 24-hour hotline answered by an advocate who can offer crisis intervention, information and referrals at 904.721.7273
  • 24-hour response to survivors who would like a forensic examination at 904.721.7273
  • Information to assist survivors in understanding their rights and options
  • Advocacy and accompaniment for medical appointments and criminal justice proceedings
  • Information and referral for community resources
  • Advocate-facilitated peer support groups
  • Referral for mental health counseling services offered by the Women Center’s Counseling Department

Sexual Assault Forensic Exam (SAFE)

Survivors of sexual assault are entitled to a sexual assault forensic medical exam. The WCJ Rape Recovery Team (RRT) provides sexual assault forensic medical exams to survivors of sexual violence ages 18 and older. Exams for any patient under the age of 18 are provided by the Child Protection Team. WCJ provides sexual assault services for Duval, Baker and Nassau Counties. However, there are no residency requirements to receive any service.


Sexual assault forensic medical exams are available whether or not the survivor chooses to make a report to law enforcement. 


Exams are available within 120 hours (five days) from the time of assault. The exam process includes a head-to-toe medical check, including injury documentation and collection of physical evidence. If the patient reports to law enforcement, the evidence is provided to the appropriate law enforcement agency for processing. If the patient chooses not to report, the evidence is stored by law enforcement for a period of up to two years.

The SAFE Program team consists of a Medical Director, Sexual Assault Forensic Examiners and trained Advocates. Examiners are trained in forensic evidence collection, sensitivity and expert witness testimony. The Medical Director is a licensed MD and provides supervision for program protocols and staff.

The WCJ’s Rape Recovery Team and the State Attorney’s Office 4th Judicial Circuit have worked in partnership with local law enforcement and FDLE to eliminate the kit backlog in our area. All backlogged kits have been tested.

If you think your kit might have been part of the backlog, and would like to know the status of your kit and case, please reach out to the State Attorney’s Office on their cold case hotline at: 904-255-3076 or email them at for more information. An advocate with the WCJ can also help support you through this process. To access our services, call the 24-hour rape crisis hotline at 904-721-7273. 

The S.A.F.E. Center is located at 5300 Emerson St. Jacksonville, Florida 32207.


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