Teresa Miles, Executive Director

Teresa has been at the Women’s Center of Jacksonville since April 2016.

She is passionate and dedicated advocate for the rights of women and girls. She began her career in direct service work with at risk teens and has spent the past 30 years as an advocate and champion for those in need.

Prior to joining the Women’s Center of Jacksonville, Teresa was the Executive Director for Children’s Home Society of Florida’s Brevard Division (CHS), where she served for 14 years. She was also the Director of Father Flanagan’s Boys Town in Orlando, Florida.

Teresa’s innovative spirit and hard work took her to the West Coast for a time, where she helped to start a teen shelter in Compton, California.

She is also credited for starting the first emergency shelter for abused infants and toddlers in the Central Florida area.

Teresa is a certified sexual assault victim’s advocate and has been recognized many times over the years for her continued commitment to women and children, including a past position as President of the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence.

Her ability to provide positive leadership in the challenging field of social services has been her hallmark and she holds both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s of Social Work from Florida State University.

The Team

  • Alejandra Santiago, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Alexa Parsons, Victim Advocate
  • Alla Folsom, Counseling Intern
  • Amanda Rodeiro, Community Education Coordinator
  • Annola Little, Community Education Advocate
  • Breanna Holloway, Counseling Intern
  • Brie Roberts, Victim Advocate
  • Catherine Dittaugh, Community Education Advocate
  • Chantel Scherer, Development Director
  • Claire Watson-Irving, Counselor
  • Courtney Boggs, Counselor
  • Denise Jones, Counselor, bi-lingual
  • Derrica Curtis, Counselor
  • Erica Turner, Victim Advocate
  • Hannah Wade, Counseling Administrative Assistant
  • Heather Harding, Director of Administration
  • Hope Timoney, Victim Advocate (Baker County)
  • Jacqueline Henderson, SAFE Nurse
  • Jamie Farhat, Director of Counseling & Community Education
  • Jasmine Mason, Victim Advocate
  • Kaelyn Haddon, Victim Advocate
  • Keyko Figueroa, Victim Advocate
  • Kimberly Baker, SAFE Program Nurse
  • Kristine Creter, Staff Accountant
  • Lisa Gaines, Reception
  • Lori Armstrong, Victim Advocate (Nassau County)
  • Makenzie Groff, Victim Advocate
  • Mallory Warner, Rape Recovery Director
  • Melianis Cruz-Nunez, Victim Advocate
  • Nyrae Milton, Prevention Facilitator
  • Patricia Emmanuelli, Victim Advocate
  • Paulina Suarez, Victim Advocate
  • Sarah Magliano, SAFE Program Coordinator
  • Sarah Wiese, Director of Program Operations
  • Shauna Clark, Prevention Facilitator
  • Sheila Grimes, SAFE Nurse
  • Stephanie Lyman-Robinson, Grants Manager
  • Sofia Rubin, Counselor
  • Theresa Andre, Advocate Coordinator
  • Virginia Chandler, SANE Nurse