Join us for THRIVE! 2024 

Date: Wednesday, April 24 Location: Conference Center at the Main Library

👖 Let’s make a statement on the 25th anniversary of Denim Day! Join us for a powerful event that declares sexual violence is preventable. 👖

THRIVE! 2024 is more than just a gathering. It’s a call to action, a commitment to building a community that stands united against sexual violence. We need your support to spread the word and ensure everyone is part of the conversation.

Together, let’s pave the way towards a safer, more supportive community.

Wear denim your way on the day and join us at THRIVE! 2024.


Rome, Italy – 1999

A driving instructor, convicted of raping his 18 year old student 7 years prior, appeals his conviction. His defense … her jeans were so tight that she would have had to assist in removing them. His conviction was overturned! The Italian High Court released a statement that became known as the ‘jeans alibi”.

Thankfully, people weren’t having it. Enraged by the verdict, the women of the Italian Parliament showed up to work on the steps of the Supreme Court the next day, wearing denim. Fast forward to today, and Denim Day has become a global movement. It’s all about raising awareness of sexual assault, debunking harmful myths, and supporting survivors.

THRIVE! 2024 Sponsors

A massive thank you to our sponsors.

We simply couldn’t support the thousands of women and survivors of sexual violence each year that we do without this generous support from the community.