"He took away my sense of safety that night. But, thanks to the Women's Center my rapist will not have any more of my life, not one single night." -Sexual Assault Survivor


"This place is perfect the way it is; the staff are like a second family to me. WCJ has gone above and beyond to show me ways to heal. I feel safe and confident in my healing process; I wouldn’t want to go to anyone else."
-Counseling Client



"You blessed me! How can I say enough - I've never felt so loved and smiled for the first time. You are a team for all of us. We can't do a lot but say thank you, thank you. You are all my family!"
-Bosom Buddies Client

WCJ Commmitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

As an organization that stands for, and is committed to, the equitable treatment of all people, the WCJ stands as a proud ally to all members of our community regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, social or economic status, religion, intellectual difference or profession. Our team is dedicated to providing advocacy, support and education to women and all survivors of sexual violence in Northeast Florida.

The WCJ is here for anyone during their greatest time of need.

Click here for the Northeast Florida LGBTQ+ Resource Guide